1-Valley of Dreams (2003 Demo)


1- Valley of Dreams
2- Dragonblade
3- Final Fantasy

Ala'a Qaaeesh : Vocals
Mad Rad : Guitars
Ahmed Sahawoneh: Bass
Laith Haddadeen: Drums

Special notes: This Demo never had a cover design, the design was made back in 2012 , The Demo itself was self-released by the band on a cassette tape in very few numbers , the band's Name was Valderia back then . The Artwork has the old Dragonrider Logo as the band back then never made an official artwork for this Demo. the Valderia logo was replaced with Dragonrider logo.

2-Musical Sword (2007 Demo)


1-Prelude to the Legend
2-Follow your Heart
3-A Rebel's Blade
4-As We Raise the Flags of War
5-Valley of Dreams
6-Ride the Dragon
7-Final Fantasy

Omar Abu Deyyah: Vocal
Mad Rad: Guitars
Waleed Mughrabi: Guitars
Mohammed Hijjawi: Bass on all Tracks except Ride the Dragon & Final Fantasy
Nader Natsheh: Bass on Ride the Dragon and Final Fantasy
Ala'a Dragonfire: Drums

Special Notes: This was the band's 2nd demo which was printed in very limited number in CD format. only 300 copies came out back in 2007

3-Moon Serenade (2009 EP)


1-Moon Serenade*
2-Lonely Rider
3-Far Beyond the Sky

Omar Abu Deyyah: Vocals
Mad Rad: Guitars
Nader Natsheh: Guitars
Ibrahim Khatib: Bass
Ala'a Dragonfire: Drums
*Guest Musicians: Flute on Moon Serenade by Lina Abu Reziq.

Special Notes: The song Far Beyond the Sky was the band's 1st video. the video had some clips of live performances by the band.

4- Tower of Babylon (2012 Single)



1- Ascension (intro)
2- Tower of Babylon

Mad Rad: Guitars, Bass
Waleed Mughrabi: Guitars
Tamer Bagaein: Drums
Guest Musicians: Carsten Schulz: Lead and backing vocals on Tower of Babylon
Ala'a Hamdan: All Keyboards

Special Notes : The song Tower of Babylon featured The Voice of the great German Heavy Metal Singer "Carsten (Lizard) Schulz" This single had two artworks. it was also featured on the Metal Compilation disc "Warriors of Metal V"