Dragonrider started back in 2001 when Rad left his former band (Virgin Killer), to create his own band and music.
Having trouble finding Musicians with the same taste in music he moved alone till he formed Valderia back in 2002 then he changed the name to Dragonrider in 2003.
the band had many line-up changes until it finally settled down with the current members.

The band combines Speed, Melody and old school elements due to each member's influences, the lyrical theme fights depression it has also a rebellious theme.

Dragonrider released their 1st Demo (Musical Sword) Back in 2008 which was recorded by Muhanad Bursheh the demo did good for the band and got some good reviews on some metal websites but some people wasn't motivated due to the poor quality of the demo.
though the band themselves were happy with the experience.

In 2009 The band Felt like They have to do another record with a better sound quality, so they got in touch with Ala' Hamdan a Sound engineer and an old friend of Rad. they started working on an EP which later was called Moon Serenade.
An EP that included three tracks, did extremely great for the band as Dragonrider Scored on most of the websites 8 out of 10 good reviews and interviews on Myspace came knocking on the band's door.

In 2010 Dragonrider Finally Sings a record Contract with Symphoqueen Productions
And On December 2010 the Recording of the New Material and their 1st Full-Length Album which the band decided to call Tower of Babylon, as 2011 kicks the band will be celebrating their 1st full length album.